GMS Exhaust Hoods


GMS Exhaust Hoods are built to a high standard using 304 grade stainless steel which meets or exceeds the necessary criteria demanded by galley designers and end-users alike. Keeping the general galley environment in consideration, the type and style of exhaust hood will depend on the cooking equipment in place and level of grease extraction required.

GMS Control Cabinets


The Ventilator Control Cabinet (VCC), developed by GMS, features a touchscreen command center to control all functions of the exhaust and supply fans, wash cycle, fire, auxiliary exhaust, diverting and de-smoke modes. The control has a single program that is customized in the Service Menu for each project’s specific requirements. The program is completely upward compatible, allowing older systems to be easily updated to a new version. 

Multi-Purpose Hood Cleaner


GMS recommends the use of GMS Formula X-701 as the chemical of choice for the water-wash exhaust hood systems. GMS Formula X-701 is a Super-concentrated, industrial-strength, multi-purpose cleaner that provides enhanced grease and soil removal by the utilization of unique “colloid-active” components. All surfactants in the product are biodegradable, phosphate-free, enzyme-free, odorless, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and contains no acids, caustics, or solvents. This one product performs a wide variety of tasks, eliminating the need for stocking and using a multitude of specialty cleaners. Excellent for use in either hard, soft, fresh, or salt water. 

GMS Auxiliary Exhaust Damper


The GMS Auxiliary Exhaust Damper is typically installed in the galley exhaust duct and used to remove heat, odor or steam from areas with non-grease producing equipment. 

GMS De-Smoke Damper


The GMS De-Smoke Damper is typically installed in the galley exhaust duct and used to remove smoke from the galley after a fire event. 

GMS Diverting Damper


The GMS Diverting damper is typically installed in the recirculating galley exhaust system and is used to divert air from the grease interceptors hoods during a wash cycle. It may also be used as a De-Smoke terminal.